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Cornus Alba provides winter colour once its leaves have dropped
January produced one of the worst frosts for 20 years lasting four days.  Our succulents could not survive leaving a trail of destruction in some of our favourite beds.
This aeonium swartzkop has keeled over

This succulent bed was just getting established

The greenhouse provided no protection
Note the aeoniums bowing their heads

No sooner had we dealt with the frost than along came the snow. Not a lot by some standards but more than most eucalypts are used to.

Hayle Harbour
The Memorial Walk
The 'Three Miles of Golden Sand' in disguise
Once the snow melted, there was plenty of colour around the town to cheer us up
Mel George of the U3A tends the boat in front of the library.  U3A is an adopt-a-plot member and Mel 'volunteered'.  It is good to see so much colour in February.  Thanks Mel!
Things are starting to brighten up along Penpol Terrace.
Replacement succulents  arrive
Alvin gets ready for planting
Tulips and blossoms bring the harbour to life.
The cold snap triggered seeding in many plants
Mark Dee paints and repairs a bench
Mary and Lynn attend their plot
The roundabout gets planted
Madge gets on the tellie
The Royal Standard gets its baskets
Anacamptis pyramidalis - Pyramidal Orchid
The Royal Standard baskets look great
The 'Nippers' get their training
The flower beds have recovered well
Hard work is paying off!
Wyevale have adopted this bed at Foundry
Beds on Penpol Terrace
Adjacent to Penpol Creek
US & Cornish flags fly at the Rescorla Memorial
July 16 - Southwest Judging  
John Ford at the Sensory Garden
Bodriggy pupils show off their plot
The school bus
The 'wildlife' trim on the Memorial Walk
Paradise Park welcomes Hayle in Bloom
The closing shot for the press
August 2 - Before the rain!  
The roundabout logo
One of the roundabout beds
August 3 - Britain in Bloom Judging  
David Littlewood and Sue Wood meet Madge
Enjoying the view
There was a good turnout at the Surf Life Saving Club from the Nippers.
June Donnery proudly displays her awards
The Haven is an exemplar of Green Tourism
Phil Hosken describes the wildflower garden
June talks about recycling
The Rose & Cabbage team at the Sensory Garden
At the Bodriggy School plot with the only children not on holiday!
Mervyn Sullivan shows off his marvellous 'Industrial History of Hayle
A closer view
Our secretary Caroline with the Hollingsheads at the Adopt-a-Plot
Wyevale's Jackie Gyles, Admin Mgr, & Alex Langstone, Planteria Mgr. at their plot in Foundry
The judges meet Streetscape chair, Don McGeorge to hear of Foundry enhancements
The team at Paradise Park for the celebratory lunch
Despite the rain, everything went smoothly with everybody turning up and with lots of enthusiasm.
The judges with the Mayor and Mayoress, Margaret and Alison Hales from Paradise Park